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Unlimited Tech Support & Implementation

Gain access to unlimited tech support and implementation for a flat monthly fee.
No contract. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

Tech doesn’t have to be a stumbling block, or slow you down…

How great would it feel to hand over all of your tech support tasks, freeing you up to focus on other things?

You can reclaim your time and your sanity without breaking the bank by utilising the TM&Co. Support team as a handy, hands-on extension to your online business.

The types of tasks we can support you with…

As a team we can cover a myriad of tasks across a range of platforms.

Email Automations

Website Edits

Funnels Edits

Domain Configuration

Google Analytics



Payment Gateways

Membership & Course Set Up

Systems we love to work in

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the systems we love to set up and work in. Ultimately we can be flexible to work with your tech stack.

How it works

Submit your requests today and have them completed in next to no time.


Sign up below and then follow the instructions on our welcome email and submit as many requests as you want.


Take a load off or dedicate more time to working in your business, whilst the team get to work implementing your tasks.



Get your completed tasks back within 1-2 business days and  then we’ll move onto the next task in your queue.


One simple plan. No contract. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

All plans include:

+ Unlimited Requests
+ Up to 2 Active Tickets at a time
+ High Quality Execution
+ 15% Discount on VIP Days and Digital Products

*Promotional pricing available for a limited time only.

What our clients are saying

The whole experience has been very easy. Toni & her team are dedicated to supporting your business and making sure the right tech is in place and enables your business to function and grow with ease. I have this to be one of the best investments I have made and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a tech based business as it is extremely cost effective and it saves you energy trying to figure it all out yourself.

Anne-Marie Mayers Clapp Soul Awakening Academy
Anne-Marie Mayers Clapp

I am finding the service excellent so far. The turnaround and ease of use has far exceeded my expectation.

Donna N. The Noble Art of Yoga
Donna N.

Along the way you have kept me informed and made suggestions to make things better which I appreciate and greatly received. And a quick turnaround! Wish I had met you sooner.

Janet Rhynie Quantum Change Coach
Janet Rhynie

I set goals at the end of the last quarter and it was in great timing with this offer for implementation. I cannot put into words how Toni and her team, have increased my productivity and efficiency in the first quarter let alone two weeks with them. I am utterly grateful and recommend them to help my clients to actually focus on their expert area of work and allowing the implementation team to take over. They are professional, fast and most of all efficient. I have been searching for some time for a team that I can rely on and trust. If you’re looking for implementation support I cannot recommend this team enough ❤️

Katrina Young KYC Consulting Digital
Katrina Young

Do you guys always work this quick?… Toni the service has been SPOT ON !!!!! Honestly I wish I’d bloody done this sooner.

Laura Bannister LKB Fitness
Laura Bannister

Working with Toni and her team has been an absolute breath of fresh air, pain free and hassle free. I am the world’s worst when it comes to tech and TM&Co. have made it easy for me. The team fully recreated my websites, I now have funnels, all tech connected in the background, payment gateways…just brilliant. My previous site was static, just like an online brochure. I would only work with Toni and her team now. Brilliant!!

Laura Royal DNA Coach
Laura Royal

Using your services Toni Martin has been game changing! You and your team are awesome! I highly recommend to everyone!

Merrisha Gordon Merrisha Gordon Coaching
Merrisha Gordon

Best money spent everrrrrrr !!!!!! So happy you have created this xx

Yvette Taylor Energy Alignment Method
Yvette Taylor

Frequently asked questions

What does 'unlimited requests' mean?

It’s not magic. If you put in twenty requests today, it doesn’t mean they’ll all be done tomorrow. Nevertheless, unlimited really means that — unlimited. You can put in as many requests as you want, and the TM&Co. Support team will action them for you.

You can maximise your subscription by keeping your queue nice and full, but keep in mind it is important you make priorities clear otherwise we will approach tasks in the order you submit them.

How many active requests can I have at a time?

You can have up to 2 active requests at any given time. This essentially means you can submit as many requests as you like, but we will actively work on up to 2 requests simultaneously.

What is the turnaround time for a request?

Naturally this varies, but we deliver most tasks within 1-2 business days providing we have all the information we require to complete the request. Note, this is also dependent upon the complexity of the task, but if we believe something will take longer than 2 business days, we will advise you of this.

Also, please note maintaining a high quality service is important to us, so whilst we will endeavour to complete your tasks quickly, we won’t churn them out just to get them out of the queue. We diligently check the work we complete.

Are there any tasks you won't do?

We really focus on marketing tech implementation which includes anything related to funnels, websites (excluding custom coding) and analytics.

We’re happy to do tasks such as include things such as setting up email automations, integrating platforms with each other, setting up payment gateways, editing web pages, creating funnels (copy/branding etc. supplied by client), lead magnet creation (simple Canva designs) setting up chatbots etc.

We cannot support you with paid ads – i.e. Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube ads etc.

Why wouldn't I just hire a Tech VA?

If you’d like to hire a Tech VA you absolutely can – however the typical Tech VA costs in the region of £40/hour and often limit you to a set number of hours per month. We are competitively priced, with no limit on hours.

Additionally, as an individual a Tech VA may not have the breadth of knowledge and expertise that our team does. We use a range of platforms and solutions and have years of experience individually and collectively.

With TM&Co. Support, you’re effectively gaining access to multiple Tech VAs instead of just one.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you decide to upgrade, you will pay a prorated amount for the rest of the month. If you choose to downgrade, you will get a credit on your payment for the next month.

Will the price increase?

You will be locked-in at the rate you sign up for. The price will only change if you choose to cancel and come back at a later date.

What are VIP days?

Our VIP Intensives are a done in a day service specifically for website/membership site builds, funnel builds and detailed marketing strategy.

Broken into 3-parts:

1. Pre-Intensive Strategy Call
This is a 60 minute call where we help you get super clear on what you’re trying to achieve and provide strategic guidance/suggestions. By the end of this call we should all be on the same page ahead of the VIP day.

2. The VIP day
You choose a date in the calendar and we execute on your project. By the end of the day you will walk away with a very tangible business asset in the form of a website, funnel or comprehensive marketing strategy. 

3. 30 Day Post-Intensive Support
In addition to providing any relevant training videos, we are also on hand to offer email/messenger support for a month after your intensive.

We usually charge £997 for the day and depending on which plan you are on, you will receive either a 10% or 15% loyalty discount.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Book a free call to discuss further.

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